365 People: Day 5 – Jim White

Michael Davis Pratt (born March 10, 1957) known professionally as Jim WhiteMusician, among other things

Jim White was born and spent his formative years in the south, but then spent most of his adult life in New York City and Milan as a professional surfer, a preacher, a boxer, a model, and a cab driver. In my opinion this multicultural experience makes his music much richer than those musicians that are purely a product of the south and that has definitely become evident in his latest album, “Sounds of the Americans”.  It is a departure from his southern roots. Some of his lyrics are really fantastic.  He said in an interview that he considers himself more a writer than a musician. However, it is not his music which inspires me as much as his documentary. In “Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus” Jim White takes us on a tour of southern American cultural mentality and spirituality. It is beautifully done and reveals a lot about his nature, his questions, and his faith. It shows some harsh realities of fanaticism. However, it’s clear that the agenda is not to denounce religion because of the fanatics, but instead to better understand some of the causes of fanaticism, and I really appreciate that.

“Guess I’m traveling faster than the speed of regret. What I was born knowing I was bound to forget. In the blindness of being what I was born seeing, I was just plain bound to forget. Yes I was just plain bound to forget. Now, 24/7 in the end my friend, gotta go at God’s speed, no never relent, lest the soul-sucking, sneaky-deaky, belly-aching past like a ssssnake in the grasssssssss ssssstrike and bury your assssssss. So keep your eyes on the prize on the distant horizon. Be wary of the wind and the bad moon rising. Knowing in your going, somehow, some way, that you’ll out-run your shadow…yes you will, one fine day. ‘Cause you’re traveling faster than the speed of regret.”

From “Bound to Forget” by Jim White


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  1. Jim is utterly amazing. The documentary cross eyed jesus is one of the best ever. thanks for featuring him – he deserves to be so much better known. Or perhaps it’s better if not. cheers.

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