365 People: Day 15 – Earle Dickson

I’m feeling very sentimental today and also thinking about inventions we take for granted like indoor plumbing, but there is no record of who actually invented indoor plumbing.  When my daughter needed a band-aid this morning and I found I didn’t have any, I decided to pay tribute to the inventor of the band-aid.  Earle Dickson’s wife cut herself often in the kitchen, but the strips to hold the gauze would always fall off when they got wet, so he invented the band-aid.  I love that he cared so much about his wife’s little nuisance.  Maybe I’m being over-sentimental.  Maybe she nagged him about it, but I like my version.  In my house, band-aids are a little way to show my children that they are loved, so today I appreciate Earle Dickson.

Earle Dickson (1892-1961) Inventor


  1. Custard powder was invented by a man whose wife loved custard but was allergic to eggs. Forget his/her name. Also, Dixie cups were eventually invented because people were getting sick drinking from barrels of water on railways. Bad PR for railways, not concern for public per se. Of course.

  2. I love when the necessity for invention occurs from love for someone else.

    • Yes, very much so. It’s usually from a need in ourself, but if you love someone, it’s the same thing, isn’t it?

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