It’s raining frogs. Day 21

When I started this 365 day project, I made a  list of people that inspire me, but when I looked over that list and tried to write about how these people have influenced me, I found that I didn’t know where to start.  So many of them have had such a gigantic influence on me that it wouldn’t do them justice to cut and paste a link and some images.  I’ve started a blog on the Apostle Paul four times now.  A post about my mother-in-law could be a book.  Many of those on the list are people in my life, but that is too complicated because I wouldn’t want to leave anyone out.  Also, it goes against the whole purpose of a blog which is to address a larger audience.  So my list got cut in half.   I decided instead to make it a pure 365 day project (with a few drafts made from my list for heavy days and Sundays).  So now I am pulling these people off the top of my head, or they are the people I am currently reading/watching/studying.  I love that this forces me to think every day about the information I process and how it effects me.  I don’t waste as much time on frivolities.  This is my favorite discovery so far, but an interesting observation I’ve just made is that so many of them are French or have French origins.  I thought it odd at first as I expected the list to be more diverse, but I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that the most influential and inspiring person in my life for the past few years is French.  I think she would hate if I posted about her because she is the most private person I have ever known.  I totally respect this as I know the root cause of her privacy is humility.  So I won’t embarrass her, but I hope maybe she’ll see that she has done more than inspire me, she has effected my sub-conscience so much that I’m becoming almost patriotic.   For the wrong country.

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  1. Well done. the thing i’ve learnt about blogging is that if you do it every day or so it can’t be consistent. just put up what feels right and don’t feel bad if you miss a few. sometimes posts i think are crap seem to be really popular. I have no idea what’s happening. enjoy!

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